Sharjah City Tour Package

ToursDady brings you an opportunity to explore Sharjah City, also known as the "Pearl of the Gulf", and see its cultural landmarks. Traditionally more conservative than Dubai, Sharjah is widely considered the nation's cultural capital. The city is home to beautiful mosques, antiquated souks, museums, and heritage sites. An important landmark which attracts thousands of tourists every month to Sharjah city is none other than the King Faisal Mosque. Furthermore, the 200-year-old Fort of Sharjah gives you an in-depth view of the authentic Arab culture and its ancient rulers.

A memorable drive with waterfront views along the Sharjah Corniche, a stop at the Sharjah Museum to discover a rare collection of artefacts dating back to more than 1400 years, and a visit to the oldest souks in the country such as Souk Al Arsa and Souk Al Markazi, makes Sharjah City a perfect spot for tourists who love exploring historical sites and immerse into the authentic Arab culture.

Sharjah City Tour By ToursDady

ToursDady is here to provide you with the best-in-class Sharjah City tour. This tour is not only limited to the King Faisal Mosque or the Sharjah Museum only, but it includes an in-depth visit to all the top attractions of Sharjah. The complete tour will be performed in a luxury, air-conditioned 4x4, and you will be accompanied by a professional guide on your way. This whole day Sharjah city tour will offer tourists a range of rich cultural experiences, from modern art museums to hundreds of years old palaces, and from ancient souks to gold and carpet shops.

We promise a tour full of fun, adventure, thrills, and chills. During the tour, small stops at luxury restaurants and traditional street food shops will keep your hunger at bay. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone now, and contact ToursDady to take you to the "Pearl of the Gulfs".

What To Expect? (Sharjah City Tour Itinerary)

Get picked from your hotel room at around 8:00 in the morning. To keep tourists updated with interesting tales and information about the Sharjah city, you will be accompanied by ToursDady's travel guide.

Your first stop will be at the magnificent Al Noor Mosque on Al Buhaira Corniche. And, then proceed to Emirates largest and most beautiful mosque, the King Faisal Mosque.

Head to the Islamic Civilization Museum. The Museum contains several artifacts and 1000-year-old ornaments from around the Muslim world.

Next, drive to the Sharjah's Old Town, and have an amazing time walking through the restored traditional market Souk Al Arsa. Sharjah's Heritage Museum is also there, which offers a glimpse of a traditional Arab family home and typical Gulf architecture.

In the end, we will take you to the much talked about Al Markazi Soul or Blue Souk. This multistory market has 600+ stalls offering a wide range of clothing, gifts, and housewares, and it's considered as one of the best places in the Emirates to purchase Arabian rugs.

1). The Sharjah Calligraphy Museum - see centuries old heritage of Arabic calligraphy

Located in one of the oldest towns of Sharjah, the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum contains centuries-old heritage of Arabic calligraphy from across the Arabic-speaking world. The museum also has a library, with books both in English and Arabic, and a special place for children to learn and practice. With ToursDady's Sharjah City tour, get an amazing opportunity to dive into the world of creativity and learn about the evolution of Arabic calligraphy over the years, through brilliant portraits depicting lovely calligraphic letters and shapes.

The museum showcases interesting masterpieces and creative paintings by both local and international calligraphers. In order to instill the love of Arabic calligraphy, the museum hosts regular exhibitions where marvelous Arabic artworks are showcased.

The artworks displayed at the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum highlight the talents of local and international calligraphers; their beautiful paintings carry a deep and valuable historical background. The museum, with all its magnificent calligraphic artworks, provides a positive feel of energy that will brighten up your day.

2). Sharjah National Park - the largest park in the city

A trip to Sharjah city is incomplete without visiting the Sharjah National Park. The park has become one of the best tourist spots for many reasons, especially owing to its massive size of 630,000 m2. The park serves thousands of tourists every month, who come here to see the beautiful lush green gardens and engage in different fun activities.

Spread over an area of 156 acres, the Sharjah National Park is the largest park in the city. Some main highlights and services within the National Park include are; proper barbeque areas, small mosque, kids playground, giant slide, birds pond, cycling tracks, and a mini-city with models of important landmarks of Sharjah city.

If you want to visit this dream location, then book your Sharjah City Tour with ToursDady. This park is one gem of Sharjah that has been trusted by our company for an ultimate recreation. Built many years ago, the park just seems to get better with time. The giant lush green gardens decorated with colorful flowers and a calm environment makes the Sharjah National Park a brilliant spot for tourists.

3). Sharjah Maritime Museum - an insight into the marine life

When it comes to Sharjah City Tour, how can ToursDady forget to take its respectable tourists to the spectacular Sharjah Maritime Museum? Located just close to the Arabian Gulf, the Sharjah Maritime Museum reveals insight into the marine life that has formed a major part of Sharjah's heritage for more than 6,000 years.

With a visit to the Maritime Museum, tourists will explore the traditional fishing methods, traditional wooden dhows, see one of the oldest pearls of the world, and learn about the ancient trading and diving adventures. Another most important thing that attracts many tourists to this museum is the Al Qasimia ship, the last ship of its kind still in existence.

4). Sharjah Hisn Museum - learn Sharjah's everyday life 200 years back

The Sharjah Hisn Museum is the perfect spot for tourists who want to learn the modern history of Sharjah, the defense methods, the ruling family, and Sharjah's everyday life 200 years back. This historical fort was built in 1823, with coral stones collected from deep sea waters of the Persian Gulf. The fort was built for defensive purposes, mainly to protect Sharjah city and its inhabitants.

You will be amazed to see the thick walls and high watchtowers, along with many other defensive structures. As you keep exploring the rooms of the fort, you will want to explore it more and more. Inside the fort, tourists will come across a wide collection of archaeological artifacts and old photographs.

On reaching the Almohalwas jail, your private guide will give you a complete understanding on the first jurisdiction system adopted in Sharjah. The guide will also tell you about the weapons and defense strategies used by the Sheikhs of that time, as well as the lifestyle of the Al Qawasim ruling family.

5). Grand King Faisal Mosque - the most iconic landmark of the Sharjah city

Your Sharjah City Tour also includes a visit to one of the most iconic landmarks of the Sharjah city, the Grand King Faisal Mosque. Constructed in 1987, the huge mosque is the main source of attraction in the city. With a capacity of accommodating 17,000 people, the holy place has beautiful praying halls both for male and female. Our guide will take you to each and every corner of the mosque, and give you a brief understanding of Islam, its code of conduct, and a brief lecture on the life of Prophet Muhammad.

6). Souk al-Markazi - the main shopping hub

Enjoy an amazing visit to the main shopping hub of the Sharjah, the Souk al-Markazi. The stunning building of the souk has been designed by the British architects Michael Lyle & Partners, with ideas and guidance of the Ruler of Sharjah HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, and was completed in 1978.

Spread on an area of about 80,000sqm, the Markazi market has 600 shops, where you will see one of the most precious and glamorous sets of jewelry, pearls, and can shop other items like perfumes, souvenirs, cosmetics, clothes, household and other goods.

The beauty and magnificence of the Central Souk will capture your attention. See how architects and engineers have done an amazing job by connecting the two large buildings by bridges, with exuberant vaults and a unique skyline of 20 wind towers. Due to the blue tiles on the exterior, the market is also popularly known as the Blue Soak.

You will love the time spent in Souk al-Markazi. You can shop, dine, and indulge in different fun activities. Furthermore, your private tour guide will keep telling you amazing information and interesting tales on the souk. So book your Sharjah City Tour with ToursDady, and enjoy an unforgettable visit to the Blue Soak.

7). Al Ittihad Park - a lush green space in the heart of the city

The Al Ittihad Monument Park is a lovely, lush green space in the heart of the city. See Al Ittihad Square Park and all it has to offer by arranging your trip with ToursDady. It is one of the Sharjah's biggest square covering an area of more than 60,000sqm in Al-Sour district. You will spend a pretty good time in the park, relaxing and breathing in the fresh air.

Besides the lush green gardens, a union monument with the name of Al Ittihad Monument is placed in the middle of the area and is decorated with seven oysters each with a pearl inside which represent each of the seven Emirates. The seven oysters surround the central pillar, which is crowned with a golden pearl symbolizing the union of the Emirates.

8). Archaeology Museum - explore the deep rooted history of Sharjah

The Sharjah's famous Archaeology Museum offers you the opportunity to explore the deep-rooted history of Sharjah and learn about the civilizations that developed in the region since the Stone Age up until today.

With a visit to the Archaeology Museum, you will learn the lifestyle of the ancient inhabitants, how they built their houses, adapted to their environment, what type of jewelry designs were worn, and how those old age people dealt with death. You will also see a huge collection of old weapons that were used at that time by the Arab troops.

The stories of Sharjah's history are brought alive through showcases of relics exhumed by archeologists, films, computer games and practical models of burials, houses, and tombs. A highlight of the museum's collection are the discoveries from the unearthings at the Neolithic cemetery of al-Buhais 18, a site frequented from around 5200 to 4000 BC.

9). Al Qasba - lift high into the sky above Sharjah

ToursDady will take you to one of Sharjah's best attractions - the Al Qasba wheel. At 60 meters, the majestic Eye Of The Emirates Wheel is the top landmark historic point in Al Qasba. Advance on board one of the wheel's air-conditioned lodges and you'll be lifted high into the sky above Sharjah. From that point, you can appreciate astounding views of landmark buildings, landscape, and even the Gulf coast extending all the way to Dubai. Enjoy, have fun, and party hard at Al Qasba!

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  • - Our company offers a complete Sharjah City Tour package with visits to all the top attractions of the city
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  • - We follow all the proper safety requirements, have the best-in-class guides, experienced SUV drivers, and support team that treats you like a family - catering all your needs by going above and beyond!

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Sharjah is the third largest of the seven emirates that make up the UAE and is the main emirate to have direct access to both the Persian Bay and the Gulf of Oman. It is the cultural city of the Middle Eastern world. The exhibition hall in Sharjah gives you captivating bits of knowledge into ways of life before the progressions brought by oil. While returning you will go by the beautiful corniche and the 150-year-old Al Naboodah house strikingly recalling the lifestyle of a wealthy pearl trading family. This tour also takes you to visit the Blue Souq where more than 600 shops sell rugs, gold, silver antiques, perfumes, and garments.

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