Ferrari Theme Park Tickets

Ferrari Theme Park Tickets

Enjoy an in-depth Ferrari World Tour with ToursDaddy. The race car-themed park offers lots of rides and attractions in Abu Dhabi - everything from kid-friendly JT Car rides to highly advanced racing simulators for teens and adults. The largest indoor Ferrari-branded theme park is also home to the world's fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa.

Due to its pure Ferrari theme, unlimited rides, cutting-edge racing simulators, and a complete Ferrari experience, the Abu Dhabi Ferrari Theme Park is a dream spot for every tourist. Book the best and affordable Ferrari Theme Park package with ToursDaddy and turn your dream into reality with us.

Ferrari Theme Park Tour by ToursDaddy - What We Offer?

Whether you ache for the extreme G-force of world-class roller coasters, want to enjoy go-kart race with your family or test the best lap times in an advanced simulator – we are dedicated to providing a fabulous and never-ending fun for everyone.

1). Thrilling Fast Fun Rides For Racing Champs

With ToursDaddy, you just not visit Ferrari Park but you also experience each and every thrilling ride. You will enjoy, lots of thrilling fast fun rides such as:

Scuderia Challenge: Show your F1 potential on this advanced simulator used by Ferrari. Quickly grab tickets from ToursDaddy for this timed attraction.

Karting Academy: ToursDaddy provides you a chance to sharpen your racing skills on a 290m long track. Get Ferrari theme park tickets from us, and avail this brilliant opportunity.

Flying Aces: Inspired by Italy's top fighter ace of World War I, Count Baracca. Book your Ferrari Theme Park Tickets with us, and fly through the highest roller coaster loop, hitting a speed of 120km/h!

Fiorano GT Challenge: Enjoy racing with friends or fellow tourists on twisting parallel tracks in a Ferrari F430 Spider. Experience racing on real GT course with sharp turns, thrilling straights, and speeds up to 100 km/h possible with Ferrari Theme Park package by ToursDaddy.

Turbo Track: Get ready to Turbo Track with your loved ones. We will provide you with a seat as a Ferrari Test Driver. Experience thrills, a vertical climb, and an epic zero gravity fall.

Drive Latest Model Ferrari: OMG, Driving the latest model Ferrari? Yes, its possible with ToursDaddy provided Ferrari Theme Park Package. Turn your Ferrari driving dream into reality, by driving a Ferrari and enjoying a Ferrari ride your family or loved ones.

Virtual Reality Driving Simulator: Enjoy a Virtual Reality Driving Simulator in a shared competitive environment. Race with your friends and enjoy challenges that take you to the extreme!

Formula Rossa: Get a thrilling ride on the world's fastest rollercoaster, achieving a speed of 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds. Taking you to the heart-racing heights of 52 meters, the Formula Rossa is not for the faint-hearted.

2). Ferrari Rides For Kids

A special section of Ferrari Theme Park is solely dedicated to kids and children of small age. The area features slides, different rides, and lots of fun activities for little champs.

Nello's Adventureland: Kids will enjoy this adventurous play area. The area has different rides, Ferrari-themed slides, and much more. It's a complete package for kids who want to have an ultimate fun at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

RC Boats & Cars: Another amazing activity for kids include driving RC Boats and Cars. There's a special zone in the Ferrari Theme Park, where kids can navigate remote-control boats and cars in Italy-inspired mini city track.

Khalil's Car Wash: If you are taking your kids on this tour, then they will surely love the place. Tots and little children, get on the circuit! Climb the grandstand, slide down the carwash, get those remote control Ferraris and pedal cars.

Junior Training Camp & JT: Kids visiting the Ferrari Theme Park will also get a brief training from the Ferrari officials. They will be shown an education film after which the Ferrari Driving School expert instructors teach them basic driving skills with a fun-sized 430 GT Spider.

Junior Grand Prix: For a wonderful Ferrari Theme Park experience, ToursDaddy will also arrange tickets for Junior Grand Prix. After a brief training from Ferrari Driving School, your kids will be piloting a scaled-down Ferrari F1 Car on a mini race track.

Bell'Italia: Another fun activity for the kids is the Bell'Italia. Here your kids will sit in a small-scale Ferrari 250 California, and explore a mini Italy.

3). Family-Fun Rides At Ferrari Theme Park

ToursDaddy has special Ferrari Theme Park Packages for the entire family. We can arrange tickets to lots of family-friendly activities in Ferrari Theme Park, such as:

Tyre Change Experience: Become a member of the Ferrari pit crew. You and your family will be provided with Ferrari costumes and given a brief training about your tasks. Experience real-life tire changing experience of an F1TM car, and see how much time does your family takes changing the Formula one car's tires!

Made in Maranello: ToursDaddy will also arrange tickets for the Made In Maranello. Here's you will observe a real-life making of a Ferrari GT - from designing to machining of engine parts and painting, to the final assembly and testing on the Fiorano Circuit. You will be amazed to see the work of special robots and computerized machines behind the manufacturing of a Ferrari GT.

Ferrari Galleria: With ToursDaddy, get to explore the Ferrari Galleria. Here you will see a wide range of models produced by Ferrari, fascinating evolution of design, and enjoy facts and special stories about Ferrari.

4D Universe: Here tourists will enjoy a journey through a majestic 4D fantasy universe. Feel like as if you are driving a Ferrari in real life. Dive into oceans, venture into ice caves, accelerate Ferrari to its top speed and much more. Special simulators installed in this zone create changes in temperature, air, moisture, light, and movement.

4). Enjoy Family Shows At Ferrari Theme Park

After a long fun-filled session of Ferrari rides, ToursDaddy expert guide will lead you to a zone where you can enjoy different family shows. You will be fully entertained by these shows featuring acrobats, gravity-defying stunts, and optical illusions.

Cinema Maranello: Here you will watch the motivational story of how Enzo Ferrari made his ambitious motoring dream roar to life.

Fast Lane Game Show: Are you a Ferrari racing enthusiast? Race against time with our live host in this game show. On winning, you will be awarded special prizes from Ferrari officials.

La Piazza Show: With ToursDaddy, you and your family will also enjoy the La Piazza Show, where Abu Dhabi street performers take to the stage and amaze the audience with delightful performances.

5). Special Dining Options For Tourists

Feeling hungry? Well, no problem. With ToursDaddy's Ferrari World Tour Package, tourists will be provided with a delicious dinner comprising of various International and Arabic cuisines. Feast in style at one of the five eateries, and be transported to Ferrari's Italian country with warm accommodation, delightful bites and authentic cuisine.

Enjoy a wide range of cuisines at the five top-notch eateries in the theme park, named Cavallino Lounge, IL Podio, Espresso Rosso, Mamma Rossella, and Officers Food Quarters.

6). Shop at the Ferrari Store

Featuring the world's biggest Ferrari retail space and a noteworthy collection of branded items and memorabilia - from fun toy cars to an extensive variety of Italian accessories - you can shop here and take a piece of Ferrari history home.

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