Dubai Desert Safaris

A trip to Dubai, without having the thrilling experience of desert safari is incomplete! ToursDady proudly presents the best Desert Safari Packages in the town. Our packages are not only affordable but also supreme in class and grade. The safaris are full of fun, adventure, and excitement, and this is the reason why millions of locals and tourists around the globe head to the dunes in the city.

There are several amazing activities, in which you can indulge during your desert safaris such as dune bashing, camel ride, and sand skiing. You will also enjoy live Belly Dancing by some of the best Arabic belly dancers. You will be served the finest Arabic cuisine, with both veg and non-veg options for your convenience. Other than that, there are various other activities and entertainment shows included in the safari tour, depending on your chosen package.

ToursDady offers a variety of Desert Safari Packages, with different activities and rates. You can either sit on a camel and explore the Dubai deserts or sit inside the giant H2 Hummer and drive across the sand to etch memories for a lifetime in your mind. Our guide will accompany you along the tour, and provide you an in-depth detail and information on the Arabian culture and the special spots that you will come across your journey. During the tour, our experienced chefs will prepare delicious grilled meals and barbeque for you under the desert sky. You can further enjoy the Tanoura show, indulge in henna art, live belly dancing, or smoke Shisha.

ToursDady provides different Dubai Desert Safari Packages, such as:

1). Morning Desert Safari

2). Evening Desert Safari

3). Overnight Desert Safari

4). Camel Desert Safari

5). 4x4 SUV Desert Safari

6). Private Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari Package is best for individuals who love enjoying the cool desert breeze in the morning and seeing the morning sun gradually enlightening the deserts with a golden glow. What's more amazing about this package is that it costs pretty much economic - means unlimited fun on a small budget!

Our company will pick you up at around 8:00 in the morning and take you to an amazing desert safari journey, giving you a glimpse of the Arab desert lifestyle, which has been the culture of Dubai for decades. In luxury, air-conditioned SUVs; you will enjoy a thrilling sand dune drive on the most beautiful and highest red sand dunes. Upon returning to the camp, you will be served with unlimited refreshments. We will then increase your excitement levels by taking you to some other thrilling desert activities on quad bikes.

ToursDady's Morning Desert Safari Package will surely get your adrenaline pumping and give you an outstanding experience. When you are done enjoying the morning activities across red sandy dunes in Lahbab area, you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Evening Desert Safari

ToursDady gives you the opportunity to indulge in Evening Desert Safari experience with the authentic taste of Arabic culture. The evening safari provides a 6-hour unlimited fun, with tons of thrilling activities and safari experiences. Our guide will pick you up from your hotel at around 3 pm and proceed to Al Aveer Desert. On reaching the desert, we will blast the music and cheer you with dune bashing in 4X4 Toyota Landcruisers and Hummer Giant. Discover the beautiful red dunes as far as your eyes can see.

After the real adventure of dune bashing, you will be provided with unlimited refreshments. You will then enjoy a camel ride to the desert camp, and get the complete opportunity to deeply explore the desert life. During the ride, you can stop at different spots and take photographs wearing the traditional Arabic dress provided by our guide. For women, our female Henna expert will beautify your hands and feet with stunning Henna designs.

As the sun goes down, the heat of dessert dissipates, and it becomes cooler and more comfortable. In this lovely environment, our experienced chefs will prepare live Barbeque for you under the desert sky. Enjoy a lip-smacking dinner under the open night sky. Seated around a campfire, enjoy your meal, and witness live Arabian Belly Dancing. You will also be treated with other entertainment shows such as live fire show and Tanoura dance.

ToursDady Evening Desert Safari Package ensures a luxurious-camping experience with tons of amazing activities. Dune bashing in comfortable 4x4 Land Cruisers, amazing sunset views, delicious live barbeque prepared under the desert sky, and great entertainment shows - make this activity a must try. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get the best Evening Desert Safari packages.

Overnight Desert Safari

Explore the UAE deserts on this exciting 4x4 safari adventure. See the desert rocks and dunes shine in the setting sun and eat and sleep at Bedouin-inspired camps under the starry desert sky. In this package, we will also cheer you up with entertainment shows such as belly dancing, fire show, and much more. Experience Arabic culture as you watch the enchanting belly dancers while smoking a flavored sheesha and savoring a delicious barbecue. Have your hands decorated with beautiful henna patterns, try out customary Arabic dresses or take a camel ride.

Following a mystical night under a starry sky, appreciate the Hatta valley, which offers scenes of unforeseen magnificence like appealing rock pool, encompassed with greenery. A portion of these have water year-round and you can enjoy a refreshing splash before returning to Dubai.

Purchase the best Overnight Desert Safari packages from ToursDady, and make your desert safari in UAE, a mix of recreation, entertainment, adventure, and excitement.

Camel Safari

A Camel Desert Safari is the authentic way to explore the Dubai desert and Arab culture. Camels are known as the ship of the desert due to the ease at which they smoothly move over the desert sands. Your 45-minute camel safari through the desert follows the strides of Bedouin explorers and leads you to a customary Bedouin camp lit by delicate flares, settled in a private Royal desert retreat.

With ToursDady, discover Dubai as it was more than 50 years ago and enjoy an evening experiencing cultural activities, for example, henna, sheesha and bread making. Enjoy a flavorful traditional 4-course supper under the Arabian desert star-lit sky. Be engaged with conventional Emirati dances and participate in a cultural drumming session. Enjoy this unique experience and spend a night delighting in the enchantment of the rich cultural legacy that Dubai brings to the table.

4x4 Desert Safari

Committed to providing quality services, ToursDady has the latest models of Toyota Landcruisers. Our guide will pick you up from your hotel in comfortable, air-conditioned 4x4. Enjoy the breathtaking views as you leave the city skyscrapers behind and set off on your long Dubai desert tour. Appreciate views of the barren yet captivating scene en route, and listen to our guide's stories about the district and its intriguing topography.

Our company provides the best Dune Bashing experience ever! The dune bashing part of the trip is a bumpy and thrilling ride that endures around 60 minutes. As the surface of the desert sand keeps shifting, it takes a special skill to navigate the terrain. But don't worry; our drivers are fully experienced and our cars are equipped with all safety features. Before starting the dune bashing, the driver will play an awesome music which really fits the action and starts performing stunts. You will enjoy the slipping and the sliding, the skidding and the turning - all punctuated by sporadic seat-holding and different decibels of shouting and yelling.

Other than Toyota Land Cruisers, we can also arrange other SUVs such as Giant Hummer, FJ Cruiser, and Wrangler Jeeps.

Private Desert Safari

Our Private Desert Safari Dubai Package is designed exclusively for guests keeping their preferences and choices at the top of every service. This package is dedicated to providing the traveler exclusive perks, not available in regular tours. With the flexibility to modify the whole safari package, right from the choice of vehicle to the food menu, a private Dubai desert safari is a perfect way to have unlimited fun in privacy.

Delve the romance of the golden Dubai deserts on a private Jeep from Dubai, including a barbecue (prepared by our chefs) in the hills. Have a go at sandboarding while your private guide sets up camp on a traditional carpet where you're served with Arabic espresso and dates with your feast. Our private safari guide takes you through an entrancing adventure towards one of the most unexplored cultures of the city. You are served with your favorite beverages and meals at the campground, from where you can take part in your most loved activities and make the most from your desert safari visit.

The Private Desert Safari Tour is best suited for individuals who love privacy, want to customize the entire tour package according to their demands and wishes, enjoy a dinner of their choice, and have unlimited fun. We can also plan the bespoke private Dubai Desert Safari tours for Honeymoon couples with some extra arrangements!