Dinner In Desert

Dinner In Desert

Desert Safari is the main tourist attraction activity in Dubai, and for good reason. Most safaris feature a mix of culture and adventure with adrenaline-filled dune bashing, camel safari, following a luxury dinner in the desert camp with majlis-style seating.

But if you want to exclude the dune bashing part, and wish to spend the entire evening relaxing and enjoying Arabic + International Cuisines along with belly dance, ToursDaddy has the perfect package for you known as "Dinner In Desert".

With our "Dinner In Desert" packages, treat yourself to a wide range of authentic meals and sweet courses under the desert sky. Sit back, and relax in the comfy desert camp decorated with Bedouin-style pillows and comfortable mattresses. Smoke a sheesha and have fun watching the famous "Belly Dance". Tourists can even dine out at award-winning resorts with views over the Arabian Desert.

For an absolutely unforgettable evening in Dubai, with delicious dishes prepared by top chefs of the world, and unlimited entertainment activities, contact ToursDaddy.

Dinner In Desert - Highlights:

  • Get picked from your hotel in Dubai. Brace yourself as we take you on a 30-minute long journey to the deserts of Dubai.
  • On reaching the desert, receive a warm welcome by the locals. Sit back and relax in the Bedouin-style decorated camps.
  • Treat yourself with delicious Arabic and International dishes, consisting of both veg & non-veg courses. Unlimited soft drinks and snacks for tourists as well.
  • Smoke Sheesha or enjoy Arabic Qahwa (Arabic Coffee Dates).
  • Enjoy a belly-dancing show, with one of the brightest and most in-demand stars of belly dance.
  • Fire and Tanura show.
  • Girls can engage in the Henna activity and can get beautiful prints of Henna on their hands and feet.
  • DSLR Photography in traditional costumes.
  • Camel Safari, Sand Boarding, and Quad Biking (also available on demand with an extra charge)

Dinner In Desert - What To Expect?

ToursDaddy will pick you up from your hotel in Dubai. You will travel in our fully-airconditioned SUV. With every passing kilometer, notice Dubai's futuristic skyscrapers and buildings melting into the desert landscape.

On reaching the desert, you will be left spellbound by its beauty and elegance. The ultra-smooth, golden colored sand dunes, and desert that stretch like the unending seas, will make you go crazy!

Indulge in famous Desert activities such as camel ride, sandboarding or quad biking. These additional activities will be provided at an extra charge. Tourists who wish to get involved in these activities, contact ToursDaddy.

After being a part of the delightful events, refresh yourself by enjoying snacks and beverages provided by ToursDaddy. Relax by enjoying the sight of the golden sand dunes and the gorgeous sunset.

Now get ready to soak within in the spirit of the Arabian Peninsula as our guide will take you to a traditional camp where you'll be warmly welcomed with Arabic dates and coffee. The desert camp with low tables and cushions recreate the charming beauty of a Bedouin encampment. Seat comfortably like a King and feel delighted with sheesha smoking and Henna painting.

Later dress up in a traditional Arabic outfit and click some photos of you with a Falcon sitting on your shoulder. For perfect photos, you can also ask ToursDaddy experienced photographer to click some amazing photos and cinematic shots of you.

Enjoy an authentic Arabic gourmet under the desert sky full of shining stars. The lavish buffet dinner will be jam-packed with tasty Barbecue dishes. You will have a good variety of appetizing Arabic cuisines to decide on from; that features the famous Arabian Kababs, Pulao, Shawarma, and selections of Arabic Salads and Dessert alongside the main course. Dishes for non-veg tourists are also available.

Enjoy your dinner and watch the mesmerizing performances of the traditional Tanoura and Belly dancers.

Dinner In Desert - Dining Options:

There is a wide range of dining options for tourists. We have lots of different plans and packages, that suit your demands and spending plans.

1). Basic Package

For an upscale desert experience, book "Dinner In Desert" with Basic Package. Depart from your hotel in Dubai to a traditional Bedouin camp. The desert camp with low tables and cushions recreate the charming beauty of a Bedouin encampment. Seat comfortably like a King and feel delighted with sheesha smoking and Henna painting. Figure out how to cook a local dish from live cooking sessions. Overnight safari experiences are available, too.

2). Overnight Dinner In Desert

With ToursDaddy, tourists can also extend their experience with an overnight stay at one of the luxury resorts in the core of Dubai's peaceful desert. We will take you to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve area where only limited vehicles are permitted.

The cool desert night breeze will bring tranquility to your soul, while the dark desert sky decked with millions of shining stars will feel like as if you are in a fairy tale. Wait for the call of delicious Arabic dinner beside a glowing bonfire and belly dance show. Enjoy delicious Arabic dishes such as Kebabs, Pulao, Mutton, and much more. Get an authentic taste of Arabia as you watch the hot belly dancers while smoking a Sheesha.

3). Dining At Award Winning Resorts

Tourists can even dine out at award-winning resorts with views over the Arabian Desert. Enjoy a scrumptious dinner at one of the world's most romantic resorts. The on-site resorts celebrate fresh, delicious dishes from across the regions, while also featuring live cooking stations and traditional wood-fired ovens at the ready. Majlis-style seating system and live entertainment show complete the experience.

Why ToursDaddy?

ToursDaddy provides the best "Dinner In Desert" experience. Positive 5-star ratings from customers across the globe makes us the best tour agency in the UAE market.

We have lots of packages and dining options for tourists. Packages can be customized with your unlimited needs and want, including the extra dishes you want to include.

A special party, function, and honeymoon arrangements can also be made. Candle-light dinner for a couple, Private desert dinner Dubai, romantic dinner in the desert Dubai, and much more.

Want a luxury "Dinner In Desert" without going heavy on your budget? ToursDaddy has the best packages that suit everyone's spending plans and budget. Our rates are pretty affordable, and our services are above and beyond.

Experience the excitement-filled Dinner In Desert Safari by ToursDaddy, and extend your Middle East heritage experience.

Purchase the best Dinner In Dubai Desert packages from ToursDaddy, and make your desert safari in UAE, a mix of recreation, entertainment, adventure, and excitement!

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