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With its fast advancement, notorious horizons of high-rising architectural wonders, and famous beach resorts, Dubai has turned into a most loved spot for family holidays and the fourth most visited place on the Earth. This city never quits developing and is on a quick progress, building iconic skylines of high-rises and also entrancing attractions. The beautiful city takes your holiday experience to another level, by its world's largest gardens and markets; entertaining venues loaded with rich Arab cultural shows; indoor oceanic world; Dubai desert safari and lots more.

For those who are crazy adventurers, rush toward the empty stretch of desert embracing the coastline outside the urban communities. You'll discover a lot of activities here, from four-wheel-drive trips and dune-buggy journey to sandboarding, hiking, and camel treks.


The Burj Khalifa may give you that most talked about skyline view, however, the most breathtaking Dubai views are as yet taken from the water. Dubai Creek slices through the city, and the most ideal approach to enjoying the beauty of Dubai is from one of the lovely customary Arabic dhows that ply the creek. Nightfall travels with unstoppable entertainment and delicious Arabic dishes are especially lovely as you watch the lights of the tall buildings start to twinkle in the dusk.

Other than the numerous tourist attractions that you will be visiting, the Dubai Desert Safari is the most loved activity in the town and tourists wait impatiently for this delightful moment to come. The luxury 4x4 safari jeeps such as Hummer, Hilux, Revos, and Land Cruisers will take you to the sandy slopes and sandy hills. The whole Dubai Desert Safari journey draws out a vibe that engages you to have the best of experience. Furthermore, you will be amazed by the pleasant view of the entire desert life.

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Dubai Desert Safari 5 Star Rating
Evening Desert Safari 5 Star Rating
Dubai Overnight Desert Safari 5 Star Rating
Dubai Morning Desert Safari 5 Star Rating
Dubai City Tour 5 Star Rating
Abudhabi City Tour 5 Star Rating
Sharjah City Tour 5 Star Rating
Al Ain City Tour 5 Star Rating

Who Is ToursDady?

ToursDady is among the top tour operators that millions book on their trip to Dubai. We've been in this business for a decade, catering to all your travel needs in an eco-friendly, and inexpensive way. Focused solely on the Dubai city, we are proud to be a highly-specialized tour company in the UAE, offering one of the best services at affordable rates.  In a city, that's the top tourist destination, and known for huge crowds at tourist attractions, having a reputable guided tour like ToursDady can easily transform your holiday from stressful to headache-free.

Being one of the oldest companies in the UAE, we have the first-hand experience, often honed over decades of research, visiting and revisiting, and getting feedback from thousands of our own clients. Our strong experience in travel and tours agency, makes us capable enough to have a good sense when to travel, the 'must do' activities, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Avail The Best Quality Dubai Desert Safari Tour Packages At Affordable Pricing


At ToursDady, we provide our customers with a number of Dubai Desert Safari Tour Packages, offering the best services, and that too at affordable rates. If you want to get a chance of exploring the beauties and breathtaking places of Dubai, ToursDady is here to make your experience unforgettable. Get ready to enjoy the mind-blowing sand dune bashing, the worth-watching traditional Arab belly-dance, sip the special Dubai desert coffee and tea, satisfy your taste buds with delicious Arabic cuisines, and explore every famous tourist spot.

Dubai Desert Safari Package Of Your Choice

Dubai is the land of desert safaris, attracting millions of tourists across the globe. The safaris are loaded with fun and adventure. The safari tour offers several activities, in which you can indulge such as dune bashing, camel riding, giant G2 Hummer offroading, and much more. In some packages, you will also get a seat to enjoy live Arabic belly dance along with some refreshments. Get served with the finest Arabic cuisines, indulge in some henna art, experience the camel ride, smoke Shisha, and get in touch with Arabian culture.

Our company offers various kinds of safari packages such as:

Morning Desert Safari - An outstanding desert safari experience for those who like to spend the day in calm and peaceful Lahbab deserts. The glow of the desert sun with the cool early morning breeze will be the most satisfying experience of your life.Enjoy a camel ride and relish the sunrise and the early morning Dubai desert sun. Apart from all this, you will feel more energized and fresh after the healthy earning morning breakfast and some soft drinks.


Evening Desert Safari - Evening Desert Safari packages start at considerably lower rates when compared to other safari packages. The evening safari is the finest option to enjoy the whimsical charm of Lahbab deserts and watch the entrancing transformation of the golden desert sky into the starry night. Enjoy the true culture and taste of desert life by visiting adventurous spots, and take your holiday experience to another level by enjoying dune bashing, henna painting, and entertaining Arabic dance shows.


Night or Overnight Desert Safari - Once the sun sets in, pack your bags, take your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable desert safari at night. The night beauty of the desert will leave you completely astounded. Enjoy the spectacular telescopic views of the heavenly night desert sky decked with billions of shining stars in a stargazing experience like never before.


Hatta Mountain Safari - A perfect place for tourists who want to adventure the natural and breathtaking 200-year old site of Dubai. Get away from the busy city life and experience the most interesting Mountain Tour in the outskirts of Dubai, The Hatta Mountains. Known for its river beds, fresh blue water pools, wadi trails, the Hatta Mountain Safari offers a spectacular scenery including the landscapes and rock formations.


Smile At Every Mile With Our City Tour Packages

Besides providing you the top of the range Desert Safari packages at low rates, our company also provides various Dubai City Tour Packages that will surely cheer your hearts and make your holidays even more special with some unbelievably amazing experiences.

Explore The Beauties Of Dubai City

With ToursDady, get a chance to explore the beauties of Dubai city with both Dubai City Day Tour and Dubai City Night Tour Packages. The city tour will almost take an entire day, but we guarantee that no famous tourist spot will be missed out during the entire trip. Treat yourself by driving down to the iconic places of Dubai in a luxury SUV or sedan. The wide and ultra-smooth city roads, breathtakingly tall building sights and several gorgeous towns dotted with mountain ranges make Dubai city tour extremely gratifying. Not to forget, the trips to the world's tallest building, The Burj Khalifa, the largest mosque, The Jumeirah Mosque, the stunning Dubai beach, The Jumeirah Beach, and the world's largest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall; are also included in this package.

Musandam Tour - A Memory Of A Lifetime

Book your Musandam Tour Package with us, and discover a whole new experience of nature. With cultural landscape and gorgeous views, Musandam Tour is a gateway to breathe into a new world that is heavenly! Dive in Musandam beach swimming, get the famous speedboat Sea Safari and enjoy fishing with the help of our skilled fishermen. The stunning landscape of huge Hajjar Mountains surrounding the body of water is bound to bring tranquility in your soul, while the variety of activities provided by ToursDady will definitely keep the Musandam Tour a memory of a lifetime.

Dhow Cruise - A Romantic Escape From City Life

ToursDady proudly presents you a chance to escape from the Dubai city life and having a relaxing Dhow Cruise in Creek and Marina. Get ready to cruise along the River Zara at night time, while also enjoying entertaining music, delicious dinner, and breathtaking views of tall buildings decorated with lights. Calm your senses, and experience the most beautiful part of your journey. Live entertainment shows like Tanura and Horse show, will further add excitement to your journey and make you feel like as if you have jumped in a different world - a world that feels like HEAVEN!

Sharjah City Tour

Explore Sharjah city, also known as "The Pearl of the Gulf", like a local with ToursDady. After an exciting tour around the Dubai, ToursDady is the local companion to introduce you to Sharjah city's rich history and the best of its attractions. Distinguished as the nation's cultural capital, Sharjah city offers an incomparable mix of heritage locales, wonderful mosques, obsolete souks, and insightful historical centers, among others. See the beautifully restored Old Town, visit important sights such as Sharjah Fort, King Faisal Mosque, and learn about local Arab life through the ages at the Sharjah Heritage Museum. Last but not the least, find local treasures, scout out traditional Arab handicrafts, and numerous other goodies at Sharjah's colorful markets - Souq Al Arsah & Souq Al Markazi.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Avail excellent Abu Dhabi City Tour Package by ToursDady and make your holiday worth remembering. Located on a T-shaped island, the city holds the privilege of the being the largest and the capital Emirate of the UAE. Get the opportunity to deeply explore the rich past and current day lifestyle of Abu Dhabi. Travel along the Gulf coast, drive through Yas Island and pass by Ferrari world. Take stunning photos inside the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, take a travel break at main landmarks such as the Emirates Palace, Etihad Towers, dine at the Marina Mall, and discover the history at the UAE Heritage Village.

Al-Ain City Tour

Surrounded by the lavish greenery and oasis, the city of Al-Ain is titled as the Gulf's Garden City. Enjoy a complete tour of this heritage heartland of the Emirates, and experience the best sightseeing spot. Our 4X4 air conditioned SUV will take you to one of the nation's tallest mountain known as Jebel Hafeet - offering the commanding views of Al-Ain. Afterward continue to the city's unique heritage, the Al Ain National Museum before enjoying a delicious lunch at the Camel Market. The picturesque Al Jahili Fort and archaeological sites housing the remnant of Bronze Age settlement are also included in ToursDady Al-Ain City Tour Package.

Hatta Mountain Safari

ToursDaddy has the best Hatta Mountain Safari packages for you. If you are an adventure junkie and looking for some real fun in Dubai, you can't afford to miss the Hatta Mountain Safari. This thrilling ride on a 4x4 through the rugged and roughest trains of Dubai will give you an adrenaline experience like never before. Featuring a beautiful landscape and mighty Hatta Mountains surrounding your driving route throughout the safari, all contribute to providing you an experience of a lifetime. Book with us now, and enjoy Big Savings with Special Discounts!

Red Dunes Desert Safari

Get ready for an incredible desert safari in the red sands of Arabian Desert and get in touch with the real Arab culture, with ToursDaddy's Red Dunes Desert Safari Package. Standing 300-feet high, the big Red Sand Dunes offer an incredible desert safari experience, making it perfect for adventure seekers and thrill lovers. Blending the elegance of the desert with the thrill and delight of off-road adventure, this is a desert trip of its own kind. For best Red Dunes Desert Safari experience, contact ToursDaddy and reserve your seat for the next trip.

Dinner In Desert

With our "Dinner In Desert" packages, treat yourself to a wide range of authentic meals and sweet courses under the desert sky. Sit back, and relax in the comfy desert camp decorated with Bedouin-style pillows and comfortable mattresses. Smoke a sheesha and have fun watching the famous "Belly Dance". Tourists can even dine out at award-winning resorts with views over the Arabian Desert. For an absolutely unforgettable evening in Dubai, with delicious dishes prepared by top chefs of the world, and unlimited entertainment activities, contact ToursDaddy.

Hummer Desert Safari

Exuding the true meaning of luxury and encapsulating the finest adventurous Desert Safari Ride, Hummer Desert Safari is every travel lover’s “Dream come true experience”. The 4*4 power-packed SUV vehicles are an absolute delight to travel in and experience the splendor of Dubai sand dunes, giving you the perfect audacious travel vibes. It is to ensure that these cars are driven by well-experienced and completely trained drivers. So get your cameras ready and be ready to get on board with us to explore the royal sand dunes of Dubai in the most luxurious way. 

IMG Worlds Of Adventure Tickets

Enjoy a trip to the world's largest indoor theme park in Dubai - IMG Worlds of Adventure. The park has something special for each one in the family. Separated into four different unique zones, you can enjoy thrilling rides, scary and hair-raising experiences, and find family-friendly attractions. ToursDaddy has the best IMG World packages for you. We have special discount coupons that will help you Save Big. Contact us now, and take advantage of the best family packages.

Ferrari Theme Park Tickets

Due to its pure Ferrari theme, unlimited rides, cutting-edge racing simulators, and a complete Ferrari experience, the Abu Dhabi Ferrari Theme Park is a dream spot for every tourist. Book the best and affordable Ferrari Theme Park package with ToursDaddy and turn your dream into reality with us. *A DRIVE OF THE LATEST MODEL FERRARI INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE, OMG!

Burj Khalifa At The Top

From 1,496 feet (456 m) high, you truly do feel like you're on top of the world. ToursDaddy provides you with an amazing opportunity to visit the tallest building on the planet - The Burj Khalifa. Watch the shimmering lights and desert scenes of Dubai from the 124th floor of the tallest building on earth. Marvel at the designing and development of the exquisite Burj Khalifa. Before leaving, stop to watch the fountain dance show and shop at the Dubai Mall.

Why ToursDady?

Whether it's Dubai Safari, Dubai City Tour or Dhow Cruise, our company can arrange the best packages for you at extremely affordable rates. Here's why you should purchase packages from ToursDady:

1). Best Value For Your Money - With ToursDady, tourists are guaranteed to get more than they pay for. Unlike others, we don't overcharge you, instead, we deal every client with respect and provide maximum value for your every penny. Since the day we emerged as a travel and tours agency in UAE, we have never cheated tourists by providing them poor quality services at high rates or tried to cheat them by asking for extra-fees in the name of entrance charges or whatever: We Have Never Done That!

Our company has always treated customers as loyal family members. We are transparent with our prices, why prices are the way they are, and always go above and beyond to satisfy your needs by providing a memorable Dubai Travel Package at low rates.

2). A Tour Company For Everyone - Another best part of our company is that we always arrange your desert safari tours, that have your demographic in them. For instance, if you are a family with kids, you will never want to get accompanied by bachelors on your way. Our company ensures the best Dubai City tour experience, making sure there are decent and respectable fellows in your batch.

3). Knowledgeable, Local Guides - Being the oldest most reputable tour & travel agency in Dubai, ToursDady provides knowledgeable, local guides. You will be accompanied by an intelligent guide who knows the local language, has vast travel experience, know life-saving techniques, and able to share interesting pieces of information about the tourist places. We haven't hired simple guides, we have the most experienced guides or you can call them 'Walking Encyclopedias'!

4). Properly Organized Journeys - If you are purchasing multiple packages such as Dubai Desert Safari, Water Park, Dhow Cruise and Para Sailing, you obviously need your tours properly organized so that you can properly discover each and every tourist attraction, while also enjoying and chilling to the fullest. At ToursDady, we provide tours on a balanced schedule. Regardless of the number of Dubai Tour packages, our company always has the best balanced schedule of all the activities, so that you can enjoy every tourist place, discover its history, learn about its importance, and get to know about its food and culture, without any tensions of running out of time or whatever!

5). Safety Record - ToursDady is the among those few best companies in the town that are registered and accredited by the local government. We follow all the proper safety requirements, have the best-in-class guides, experienced SUV drivers, and support team that treats you like a family - catering all your needs by going above and beyond!